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      You can pick your own apples at Gravert's! Enjoy the freedom to stroll around the orchard looking for that perfect apple. We have a wide choice to select from each week. 

      Apples ripen at different times, from Zestar in early September to Pink Lady which ripens in late October. 

      In order to get you an apple that is at its peak of flavor, we will help you find which one to pick.

Here is how it works:

* Go to the front counter, and request U-Pick. Our sales help will

guide you to the maps and bags.

* The sales help will mark which varieties are ripe that day. It also

will be on our phone and on the home page.

* The orchard is marked with row signs that show a number on the front, and the variety on the back. At the front table, we will give

you a map that shows the whole orchard. The map is marked with

the row signs. We'll mark the rows in yellow that are ripe and ready

to be picked!

* You decide what size of bag and how many you want to buy -

we have two sizes, 1/2 peck (apx. 5 lb.), and 1/2 bushel (apx. 22 lb.). 

* You go out and pick - fill the bags that you buy - and you're done!

* See map below parking information.

How to Pick an Apple

     Pointers and rules:

* To pick an apple, take the apple in one hand, and the stem in the other and twist the apple up. You should have the fruit and

   maybe the stem. The little wood part that the stem grows out of is called a spur - that is where next year's apple will

   grow! So please try to leave the spur on the tree. If you have a leaf, you have the spur.

*  A red apple is not necessarily a ripe apple. Please keep to the varieties that are marked. We look at the inside of the apple

   when choosing which ones for you to pick. The inside seeds should be black.

* A full bag is when you can grab both handles and lift without an apple falling out. If you are balancing them to keep them

   in, please buy another bag.

* Do not climb trees or pull the branches down. They break easily, and they grow slow.

* Do not dump apples if you pick too many and don't want them. Bring them up to the store and we'll take them back.

* There are bees - lots of them! If you are allergic to bees, be very careful. 

* Do not pick up apples that are on the ground. They might look good, but they probably have dirt on them and goodness

   knows what else. We cannot sell apples that have been on the ground for health reasons.

* You can visit the animals, but be aware that small fingers can get bit. The horse and donkey can't see the hand that feeds

   them. Please stay away from the cattle. They are not tame.

* Do not go in the animal pens or cross any fences.

* This is a working farm, be aware of tractors, and please do not go into fields.

* Take your time - sometimes the first trees get picked heavy, and the nicest ones are still in the center. Go on a treasure hunt

   til you find that perfect apple!

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