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Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mississippi River, Gravert's Orchard is a great afternoon excursion. Discover some of the most beautiful fall scenery in Eastern Iowa.



Open for saskatoons by chance, or call (563) 687-2298 to arrange a visit time and date.


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When is your favorite variety ripe?

Check out our ripening chart under "Apples".


    We are picking Saskatoons! This delicious berry is also known as a Juneberry or a Service berry. It looks like a blueberry, but tastes like a blackberry. It also has small edible seeds such as a blackberry. I think it is superior to blueberries in its baking abilities as it holds its flavor and shape better. And they are one of the most healthy berries that you can eat fresh.

   We have them pre-picked or you can U-pick. Call to arrange a date and time - (563)687-2298. We will throw the Open sign up if we are there also. Saskatoons have a short season. We expect them to all picked by June 20th or so.

   Pie Cherries! If you've ever had a made-from-scratch cherry pie, these are the types of cherries that win the awards. Also great in cobblers (my favorite), or some people do eat them fresh. They also make a fabulous wine. The tart pie cherry season comes fast behind the Saskatoons. We expect the Montmorencies to be ready about the 17th - 22nd, and the North Stars to be ready by the 22nd. Everything is ripening a week earlier than normal, so the cherry season will probably be over by July 6th. Call for pre-orders - (563) 687-2298. 


7 miles north of Sabula,  Iowa and 16 miles south of Bellevue on Hwy. 52 (Great River Road national Scenic Byway). Look for our signs and the flags along the driveway.



We accept debit cards, credit cards, checks and cash.


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