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Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mississippi River, Gravert's Orchard is a great afternoon excursion. Discover some of the most beautiful fall scenery in Eastern Iowa.



Closed for season.


In the Store:

Enterprise, Pink Lady.


Closed for season.

When is your favorite variety ripe?

Check out our ripening chart under "Apples".

NEWS: We are closed for the season. Thank you to all our customers for making this a great year. We'll see you in August!

Note: We still have a few Pink Ladies and Enterprise in a cooler. If you are passing by, and we happen to be home...knock on the house door and we'll get you some.


7 miles north of Sabula,  Iowa and 16 miles south of Bellevue on Hwy. 52 (Great River Road national Scenic Byway). Look for our signs and the flags along the driveway.



We accept debit cards, credit cards, checks and cash.


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